Succeeded Program 

Education and Awareness:

SNProgramSupport Org.
1Women LiteracyPact-Nepal, World Education
2Adult LiteracyDEO
3Post LiteracyWorld Education
4Child EducationUnicef
5Parenting EducationUnicef
6Meena CartoonUnicef
7Women Business LiteracyPact-Nepal
8Women Legal EducationThe Asia Foundation
9Official LiteracyWorld Education
10Girls Access to EducationWorld Education
11Population Education CampaignMinistry of health & population
12Educational CampaignSAP-Nepal
13Community Literacy for Natural Resource ManagementLFP (DFID)
14Educational Mapping and SurveyARDA and IRDC
15Initiative for Integrated Community Development Project (IICDP)ADRA Nepal
16Community Literacy for Poverty ReductionWorld Vision Intl Nepal, ADP Butwal
17Natural Resource ManagementLFP/DFID


SNProgramSupport Org.
1Oral Re-hydration therapy ProgramUnicef
3Kanchan Filter Promotion ProgramIRDC
4HIV/AIDS ProgramWorld Vision
5Reproductive Health ClinicVision 2000

Water Supply:

SNProgramSupport Org.
1.Water Supply & Sanitation Program(Shallow Tube well, Gravity flow, Overhead tank system)HMG/FINNIDA
2.Partnership for Safe Drinking WaterENPHO
3Water Sanitation and Hygiene Project (WASH)DDC/FINNIDA

Environmental Sanitation:

SNProgramSupport Org.
1.Sanitation program(Various Scheme in Rupandehi & Kapilvastu)HMG/FINNIDA
2Social Mobilization for Local Resource Management in Community ForestryLFP (DFID), IFP

Income Generating Program:

SNProgramSupport Org.
1TargetGroup Support ProgramMinistry of Local Dev. Third Livestock Dev. Project
2Self-Help Promotion ProgramGTZ/NGO Fund Project
3Integrated Economic Development for Vulnerable Communities ProjectADRA Nepal
4Gajedi Community Development ProjectHeifer

Human Rights and Good Governance:

SNProgramSupport Org.
1Civic Society Strengthening ProgramSAP-Nepal
2Enhancing Human Rights of Terai Dalit CommunitiesEU
3Capacity Building of Civil Society for the Strengthening of Fundamental Rights and DemocracyNational Peace Campaign and Creative International Forum/EU
4Local Body Grants Expenditure & Community Engagement SurveyLGAF
5Reducing Social Tensions and Social Crimes and Enhancing Tolerance for Sustainable Peace Conciliation Process in North-west Communities of Kapilvastu DistrictEU

Survey and Research:

SNProgramSupport Org.
1Arsenic Testing and Mitigation ProgramFINNIDA, ENPHO
2Socioeconomic Survey of Butwal MunicipalityISMP / ADP

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