Strengthening smallholder Enterprise in Saljhandi Rupandehi

The project Strengthening Small Entrepreneurship is being implemented in Saljhandi VDC of Rupandehi district with the partnership of Heifer International Nepal. The overall goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder rural families through agro-livestock based value chain enterprise development. The project envisions a sustainable social capital formation and economic empowerment in collaboration with local government and other stakeholders. This project is serving 2,204 families of 7 (3 to 9) wards of Saljhandi VDCs in Rupandehi district through the formation and strengthening of pass on groups. Out of total 2204 families involved in this project, 328 families (12 SHGs) are participating as the original groups, 1876 families (72 SHGs) are as PoG. The Original groups will be provided original inputs and will participate in capacity building training/activities. These 12 original SHGs will serve as model groups and will form and mentor additional 72 pass on SHGs. Pass on groups and male members of the community will also receive few trainings. The original groups (OG) and PoG groups will be facilitated to form into Social Entrepreneurs Women Cooperative (SEW).