Civic Campaign Justice for Nirmala

Indreni Rural Development Centre (IRDC) Nepal has been actively involved in the civic campaign seeking justice for Nirmala, a teenage girl who was raped and murdered in Kanchanpur, Nepal in 2018. The case had sparked widespread outrage and protests across the country, as the police investigation was perceived to be inadequate and lacking in transparency.

IRDC Nepal, along with other civil society organizations and activists, has been advocating for a fair and impartial investigation into the case, and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. The organization has been organizing awareness-raising campaigns, peaceful demonstrations, and other advocacy activities to keep the issue in the public eye and pressure the authorities to take action.

IRDC Nepal has also been providing support to Nirmala's family and other survivors of sexual violence, including legal aid, counseling, and medical assistance. The organization believes that addressing the issue of gender-based violence and ensuring access to justice for survivors is crucial for promoting human rights and building a just and equitable society.

The civic campaign for justice for Nirmala highlights the importance of civil society organizations and activists in promoting social justice and holding the authorities accountable for their actions. IRDC Nepal's involvement in the campaign demonstrates its commitment to advocating for the rights of marginalized communities and promoting social justice and equity in Nepal.

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