Indreni Rural Development Centre (IRDC) Nepal has been organizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training programs for rural communities in Nepal. The organization recognizes the importance of digital literacy and access to technology in empowering rural communities and promoting sustainable development.

IRDC Nepal's ICT training programs aim to provide practical training and hands-on experience to participants on various digital tools and technologies, including basic computer skills, internet browsing, email communication, and social media. The training programs are designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of rural communities, including farmers, women, and marginalized groups.

IRDC Nepal's ICT training programs are conducted through a combination of classroom lectures, practical exercises, and interactive sessions. The organization also provides access to digital devices and internet connectivity to participants, where necessary, to ensure that they can apply the knowledge and skills gained from the training in their daily lives.

By providing ICT training to rural communities, IRDC Nepal aims to bridge the digital divide and promote digital inclusion. The organization believes that digital literacy and access to technology can play a crucial role in enhancing education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities for rural communities, as well as in promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance.

Overall, IRDC Nepal's ICT training programs demonstrate the organization's commitment to promoting sustainable development and empowering rural communities in Nepal.

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